Chi Machine - The amazing Sun Ancon Chi Machine from HTE gently massages, tones and relaxes the body, Used by millions worldwide the Chi Machine improves energy and oxygen levels, circulation and health.

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The Original and Amazing Chi Machine

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is the original Chi Machine and the only machine that uses patented technology and is medically tested and approved worldwide. Beware of cheap imitations!

The Chi Machine is simple and safe to use in the comfort of your own home, for the whole family. It provides an effortless workout for the whole body without risk of injury or strain.

The Chi Machine gently massages the body providing a passive exercise that improves Blood Circulation, Oxygenation, Detoxification & Lymphatic Drainage, Spinal Alignment, Immune System, Sleep Quality and Energy Levels.

The Chi Machine is reported to help anaemia, arthritis, asthma, back pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, insomnia, oedema, osteoporosis, period pains, aid weight loss and more.

The Chi Machine comes with a 2 year warranty on all parts and labour and a 2 week money back guarantee, so why not try the Chi Machine today.



The Chi Machine is the result of 38 years of research by medical doctor, Dr. Shizou Inoue, Director of The Oxygen Association in Japan. Inspired by goldfish swimming in water, the Chi Machine gently rocks the body from side to side with a relaxing, undulating motion which maximises the body's natural absorption of oxygen using all the movement orbits of the human anatomy. See Invention of the Original Chi Machine

Everyone can enjoy the health benefits of the Chi Machine - simply lie on the floor, place your feet on the comfortable foot rest, and letvthe gentle, soothing motion of the Chi Machine relax your entire body. The Chi Machine is a perfect way to unwind, releasing built up stress and tension whilst receiving a complete aerobic workout for the whole body without any strain or risk of injury.

Just use the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for 5-15 minutes, up to twice a day - you will be surprised and delighted with the results. Regular use of the Chi Machine oxygenates the body, improves circulation, increases energy, flushes the lymph system, balances the spine, and accelerates detoxification and healing.

Once the swaying motion of the Chi Machine UK stops you will experience "The Chi Rush" - an exhilarating flow of revitalising energy that rushes from your toes to your head and then slowly flows away leaving a deep feeling of relaxation, pleasure and inner peace.

Chi is the Chinese word for aliveness, life force or vitality
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"The Chi Machine provides the answer to being healthy without energy loss, body stress or effort."

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Sun Ancon Chi Machine UK, the chi machine massages, tones and relaxes the body.
Chi Machine users in the UK, Europe and USA have reported improved energy and oxygen levels, circulation and health.

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